Sťexélcemc-kt: Who We Are

Mar. 17, 2023 at 2:23 p.m. PDT

Sťexélcemc-kt: Who We Are

A glimpse into the lives of the T’exelcemc (people of Williams Lake First Nation). T’exelcemc have belonged to the Secwepemc (or Shuswap) Nation for over 6500 years. Today, the WLFN community includes a growing population of over 800 registered members who live on reserve in T'exelc (commonly known as Sugar Cane), in nearby Williams Lake, BC, and across the globe. One of 17 Secwepemc nations forming Secwepemculecw: the greater stewardship land area extends from Shuswap Lake in the south to Quesnel Lake in the north, and from the Columbia-Kootenay Range in the east to the Alexis Creek area in the west. Since time immemorial, our Kukpi7s (Chiefs) led a strong people.

We are Culturally Centered, Future Focused.

Filmmaker: Sean Stiller

Project Coordinator/Advisor: Aaron Blake Evans

WLFN Project Coordinator: Brittany Cleminson